Statement of the Organizer and Sponsor of scientific research

By Jakub,

Wrocław, 20.05.2022r.

Concerns the launch of a nationwide research project:

"The use of standardized dried non-fibrous cannabis in the process of measures aimed at the rehabilitation of patients addicted to hard drugs and other synthetic psychoactive substances."
This project is otherwise known as: "Regla Permis # We limit_harmfulness."
In the near future (in March this year), the above-mentioned research project first in Wrocław and then in other Polish cities. It is carried out as a medical experiment.
The aim of the project is to reduce the use of drugs through controlled internal supply, in a closed system of dispensaries and pharmacies based on the rationing-permissive model. The organizing entity is the Cannabis House Association based in Łódź. The research is carried out on the basis of the consent of the Bioethics Committees, among others in Kraków and Wrocław. In Wrocław, the entity responsible for the research project is the Research and Development Center at the Provincial Specialist Hospital in Wrocław (on the basis of approval No.KB / 17/2021 issued by the Bioethics Committee operating at the Provincial Specialist Hospital in Wrocław). The research material, all research and research infrastructure are financed from funds received from sponsors and research participants. In Wrocław, the study is coordinated by a team of specialists (including doctors and lawyers) under the supervision of prof. dr hab. med. Wojciech Witkiewicz.
The project partners are: MGC Pharmaceuticals Limited, MG Health, Lab4tox Laboratory of Toxicology Research, the Association and the Cannabis House Company.
In accordance with the requirements of the conducted research, the locally competent Police unit and the Police Headquarters are informed about the place where the research is conducted, the research material is issued and the models of valid documents entitling to participate in the research. The institutions participating in the study perform the function of a supervised facility as part of an internal, closed dispensary system, in which the research material will be issued to the participants of the study.


The Regla-Permis #ograniczamy_szkodliwość study is a nationwide social experiment consisting in giving the participants of the study research material in the form of dried cannabis or an extract in a controlled and verified manner. The research was undertaken due to the growing scale of introducing products of unknown origin to the market, with a non-standardized chemical composition and unknown content of active ingredients.
Despite the prohibition system in place, this practice is not limited. The project has been running since 2015; it is currently at the third and final stage on the way to developing appropriate models to counteract drug addiction, the basis of which are reliable legal solutions supported by the results of social research. The estimated number of participants in the study is 4,000 people, men and women from all over Poland. A probant who meets the following criteria may participate in the study:
Minimum age 21 years,
Has been using non-fibrous hemp for at least 3 years,
Passed the qualification process and medical examination,
Has completed training with a lawyer,
Has the status of an active member of the Cannabis House Association.
The research material used in the study is standardized and laboratory tested. Its source is proven foreign crops, and ultimately it will be domestic crops. Research material in the form of dried material with a THC content of ~ 20% and an extract with a content of ~ 88% THC. For the sake of health probants are required to undergo periodic and control examinations at the time specified during the initial diagnosis of the attending physicians.


In the study, we want to try to develop appropriate and effective models of counteracting drug addiction in order to prevent the development of the black market in narcotic drugs and to eliminate the negative effects of prohibition. We're going to change
approach to non-fiber hemp and stop the development of negative effects that would result from complete legalization. To this end, a permissive-rationing model has been developed to help ease the repression and compromise between extreme positions on cannabis.
The research carried out in the first stage of the experiment confirms that 90% of cannabis users would give up the black market in exchange for access to pure, legally available cannabis. In addition, the market analysis clearly shows that currently used
measures to combat drug addiction are ineffective and encourage the development of the black market.


The currently implemented third stage of the Regla-Permis #ograniczamy_szkodliwość study was started on November 10, 2021 and was planned for 3 years. There will be an observation during this time about social functioning of the adult population of non-fiber cannabis users under the rationing-permissive model. The examination is carried out on a monthly basis (regarding the frequency of publishing research material), quarterly and semi-annually (regarding the frequency of medical examinations). The research material is released in a "closed circuit" on the basis of a personal ID. The participant may legally possess and consume only a substance dispensed by an entity belonging to a closed system of dispensaries and pharmacies.


1. Securing and storing research material in a place compliant with the standards adopted in the experiment design,
2. Verification of the study participant before issuing the research material,
3. Issue of quantities in accordance with the doctor's recommendation.

A detailed description of the research project and the rules for its implementation are described in the "Regulations for the participant of scientific research" available on the website of the Cannabis House Association (

Grzegorz Kobyłecki CEO  Cannabis House Assosiation