Part I: Cannabis House Membership

Q: Can I participate in the study without being a member of the association?

A: No.
Only active members of the association can take part in the research that Cannabis House conducts.

Q: How much is the membership fee?

A: Currently, it is PLN 50 per year. This is the amount that we spend on the statutory activities of the organization and does not guarantee participation in the study. For active members of the research, the contribution is PLN 50 per month, calculated from the First Receipt of the research material.

Part II: Research ReglaPermis

Q: What is your current research about?

A: The use of standardized dried non-fibrous cannabis in the process of measures aimed at the recovery of patients addicted to hard drugs and other synthetic psychoactive substances in a rationing-permissive model. We want to verify the truth of the thesis about limiting the average consumption of cannabis, in the situation of the use by registered participants of uncontaminated parts of plants from natural, standardized cultivation. We assume no increase in consumption in incidental users and among regular users a decrease or significant decrease to a reasonably reasonable level, determined by the maximum limit in the study (up to 30g of drought / month and up to 15g of extract / month. Consultations with specialist doctors during the research are aimed at assessing the physical and mental harm of cannabis use by the user and determining the need to launch therapeutic activities or verifying the possibility of further participation in the study. An attempt will also be made to determine the harmfulness of user behavior in the social aspect (test of harmfulness of behavior).

Q: How many participants will take part in the study?

A: The current study is designed for 4 000 participants.

Q: How can I join the study?

A: You must register on our website www.cannabishouse.eu (you will automatically become a Supporting Member) and complete the pre-registration process to become an Active Member. Only active members of the association can take part in the research that Cannabis House conducts.

Q: Will I get good cannabis for free by joining the study?

A: No!!!
By joining the study, the participant makes a one-off payment of PLN 300, which covers the costs of medical and legal consultation and declares monthly contributions in a fixed amount of PLN 50 per month from the first collection. In addition, it financially supports the maintenance of the research infrastructure, in particular:

  • ordering expert opinions, sending research material to the laboratory;
  • logistics and transport activities;
  • maintenance and development of the research project portal;
  • maintenance and ongoing adjustment of the hotline;
  • toxicological tests;
  • tests of organic samples taken from the participants;
  • remuneration for doctors, lawyers and researchers;
  • conducting, collecting and analyzing surveys;
  • handling the subject and issuing the test material.
It is expected that the amount of financial support depends on the amount of research material declared in the initial survey and prescribed by the doctor.

Q: Can I be removed from the study?

A: Yes.
Violation of the rules of the study may result in removal from the study by researchers (doctor or lawyer).

Q: If I lose my status as an active member, can I continue the study?

A: No.
Only active Cannabis House members can continue to participate in the study. Frequent violation of the statute of the association is tantamount to removal from the study. All cases of violation of the statute of the association will be considered individually by a commission appointed specifically for this purpose. Cases of violations of the statute should be reported to the address [email protected] or directly to the organizers on our Telegram channels.

Q: For what can I be removed from the study?

A: Before joining the study, the candidate is obliged to read the regulations of the study and the statute of the association. Violation of the provisions of the signed regulations threatens removal from the study without the right to a refund.
Particular cases are considered to be:

  • Certification of untruth ("and because I did not read what I signed");
  • Providing, selling, transferring material to persons not participating in the study;
  • Use of cannabis in places other than the declared place of use, especially in public places.

Q: Does the association provide legal assistance to study participants?

A: Yes, The association provides each participant with a legal consultation directly related to the study. In addition, we provide the possibility of consultation in the event of a legal conflict:

  • In contentious cases, the lawyer determines whether there has been a violation of the audit regulations. It may decide to remove the participant from the study and provide this information to the study organizer.
  • We provide the possibility of paid, voluntary legal assistance in the field of criminal liability.

Q: The research material also will be available outside the facilities or with delivery?

A: The research material is only available in a dispensary or a designated pharmacy, which may be dispensed only by an authorized person.

Q: Who have access to my personal data?

A: Personal data in accordance with the GDPR is stored by the Cannabis House Association, which cannot disclose them to anyone. However, in experiment, only the doctor who qualifies you, who is additionally bound by medical confidentiality, has access to your data. A lawyer researcher also has access to research and legal protections od probationers. As for the rest of the research team and related entities and subsidiaries, no one has access to sensitive data.

Q: What is the waiting time from entry to study until collecting the research material?

A: The time of collecting the research material from the time you enroll in it is really only dependent on the medical visit that qualifies you to participate in the study. The rest are formalities that depend on your commitment to pick up the material quickly. You fill out questionnaires, read the regulations, sign documents, fill out a lawyer's competence test, and finally upload a photo to your profile to obtain an ID card. (research material can also be picked up without an ID, you only need to be an active research member and have access to your profile where you have your individual profile QR code). You confirm the correctness of the data on the spot in the dispensary or at the courier. And now you can pick up the research material at the nearest dispensing point, as instructed by your doctor.

Q: How can I recommend you if you cannot post on social media?

A: On your profile on the portal, in the lower left corner, you have a referral link that you can forward. Any successful referrals will be credited to your account that you can use in the future.

Q: Is there a refund if I cancel my participation in research?

A: Before you join the study, read carefully the status of the association and the rules of the study. All funds paid are transferred to the statutory purposes of the association.

Q: What are the conditions of participation and how can I join the study?

A: The condition for participation is:

  • age over 21 years - 75 years of age
  • non-fibrous hemp use for at least 3 years
To join the study, you must register on our www.cannabishouse.eu page and go through the preliminary procedure to obtain the status of an Active Member. Only active members of the association can take part in the research that Cannabis House conducts.

Part III: Funds collected

Q: How does Cannabis House use the collected funds?

A: All the funds that Cannabis House raises are used to carry out activities related to our mission. These are primarily:

  • To promote the proper use of cannabis, particularly in the scientific, medical and pharmaceutical industries;
  • Creating addiction prevention models (the rationing and permissive model is currently being tested);
  • Education on getting out of addiction, the operation of cannabis law, the conditions for conducting research on the effects of cannabis;
  • Supporting the rationalization and humanitarianization of social life, creating civil society, protecting human and civil rights and freedoms, patients' rights, consumer rights;
  • Promoting and implementing the idea of restorative justice.

Q: How can I support the Association?

A: Volunteering for the Association (lending their talents and skills), Paying the membership fee (becoming an Active Member), making a donation to the Association's bank account: MBank - 34 1140 2004 0000 3702 8135 4116

Q: Where can I check how you manage contributions?

A: In accordance with current regulations, Cannabis House prepares annual detailed reports on its activities. If you are interested in obtaining a report on the activities of the association, please send an e-mail with a request to provide a document to the following address: [email protected].

Q: How can I contact you?

A: The main e-mail address of the association: [email protected].

The hotline is open during the following hours: 10:00 - 16:00
Phone number: 42 278 44 20

Channel with announcements on Telegram: https://t.me/ReglaPermis