Association Biography

The Cannabis House Association was established in 2015. The main goal of its founders was to disseminate knowledge about the importance of plants in modern methods of prevention and treatment of civilization diseases.

In recent years, the Association has been active both in the field of education and research. Publications and thematic cultural events are just some of the forms that served to achieve the statutory goals. The association actively supported the activities of citizens and their organizations aimed at shaping civic attitudes in the field of prevention and treatment of addictions.

The activities of the Association and the ideas it promoted found an increasing number of recipients. The number of members of the Association interested in taking an active part in the proposed forms and directions of activity has been gradually increasing to currently reach the level of several thousand.

From the day of its establishment in 2015, the Association organized and actively supported research and scientific work in the field of broadly understood prevention and treatment of civilization diseases with substances obtained from plants. Their impact on the functioning and health of humans has been known for centuries. In the nineteenth century, legal regulations caused for many decades a knowledge of cannabis cultivation was known only by the closed circles of lovers of the natural lifestyle. It is also notable that the current research results and constantly improves technologies and opens up completely new perspectives for development and progress for the broadly understood cannabis sector.

Cannabis House statutory supports all grassroots and social activities for:

rationalization and humanization of social life,
civil society,
protection of human and civil rights and freedoms,
protection of patients' rights, consumer rights,
promoting and implementing the idea of restorative justice.

For this reason, in 2015-2017, the Association established cooperation with lobbyists representing the interests of citizens and supporting the Association's ideas in the Polish parliament. We were invited to participate in the work of parliamentary committees, the direct effect of which was the ordinance of the Minister of Health allowing scientific research on non-fibrous hemp.

Since 2017, the Association has been publishing the Index Scientia Cannabis magazine, in which we discuss the issues of legal regulations regarding the possession, granting, cultivation and processing of cannabis and publish our results. The scope of the topics also includes the monitoring of cannabis trading, social and psychological assessment of the determinants of its consumption by users and much more.

This year, the association built the first version of an internet platform on which associates could obtain the necessary information on current activities as well as receive professional legal advice.

Years 2018 - 2019

Organization of the first CannActive scientific conference, which took place in 2019 at the University of Wrocław. The first space in Poland was created, where scientists, doctors and entrepreneurs interested in the topic of the use of cannabis in industry and health care met.

In 2019, we started a pilot test of the rationing-permissive model for members of the Association.

Year 2020

In January 2020, the second CannActive conference took place at the University of Lodz. Scientists, researchers, doctors and entrepreneurs had the opportunity to exchange views on cannabis and the possibilities offered by the cultivation and processing of this plant.

The association has established cooperation with many scientific units, including laboratories specializing in the expertise of dried hemp, testing the content of alkaloids, terpenes and other compounds.

One of our greatest successes is the commencement of cooperation with MGC Pharmaceuticals, a company listed on the Australian and London stock exchanges, which specializes in research on cannabis products and introducing innovative solutions in the field of medical products to the market.

Year 2021

In January 2021, the third CannActive conference was held at the University of Lodz, which already had an international character. The subject of the conference: "SCIENCE - MEDICINE OR BUSINESS?" Scientists, researchers, doctors and entrepreneurs from Poland, Europe, the USA and Latin America had the opportunity to establish contacts, exchange experiences and knowledge about the place of cannabis in modern medicine and industry. They also talked about the prospects for investors in these areas. It was very fruitful in conclusions and solutions for science and business.

From April 2021, the Association works even closer with universities in the field of research and development in the field of addiction prevention. Recruitment of study participants is currently underway. Details on the Association's website.