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The World Commission on Drug Policy recommends changing the current approach to, among others, cannabis. The reason is the belief that total prohibition leads to the development of a black market for non-fibrous hemp.

The Cannabis House Association, based on scientific evidence, aims to standardize the topic of non-fibrous cannabis by regulating it. Seeing it as an opportunity to use the beneficial properties of the plant without the risk of addiction.

90% of respondents

declares to give up the black market drought if it had a legal, safe alternative

THC content ≅20%

The laboratory-tested research material in the form of drought contains about 20% Δ-9-THC

THC content ≅88%

The vaporization extract may contain approximately 88% Δ-9-THC

Foreign Partners

Research material is provided by MG Health (Lesotho) and MGC Pharmaceuticals (Australia)

Did you know that

The study lasts 36 months from the first receiving of the research material

We build trust

During the 6 years of Cannabis House Association's existence, the number of members has reached several thousand and is still growing

The study "The use of standardized dried non-fibrous cannabis in the process of measures aimed at the rehabilitation of patients addicted to hard drugs and other synthetic psychoactive substances" is a social experiment aimed at:

Eliminating cannabis from an uncertain source that contains a mixture of a dangerous, addictive substances.

Limiting or complete resignation from the use of synthetic psychoactive substances by the participants.

Market control through the distribution of pure, tested cannabis and its products.

Dissemination of cannabis containing safe levels of THC and CBD.

Limiting contact with the criminal world.

Eliminating illegal sources and the drug black market amongst participants.

Developing appropriate models of counteracting drug addiction.

How does it work?

Steps of an active participant in the study

First step

Provide your basic information and any data required by our doctors


Second step

Use our platform to make an appointment with a doctor who will approve your profile

Third step

With your CH account you can visit your designated dispensary and collect your research material


Complete anonymous surveys

Help researchers by completing private, anonymous surveys

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We fight for pure cannabis, free from harmful synthetic psychoactive substances.

Legal access to cannabis is a guarantee of high-quality, pure material. Examined, tested in accordance with generally applicable criteria, which include other herbal products.

As a member of the Cannabis House Association, you have the chance to:

  • Participate in the first study of this type #ograniczamy_szkodliwość,
  • Meeting and consulting with a doctor and lawyer,
  • Safe exchange of industrial, medical and economic information of the effects and benefits of non-fibrous cannabis.