„Be the change you want to see in the world"

- Mahatma Gandhi

At Cannabis House you can find your first job, you can become a volunteer, intern or even an employee if you only know what you want to change in the world

In its activities, the Cannabis House Association relies on the work of creative, relentless people eager to develop. We require teamwork skills because we perfectly understand that as people and as manifestations of life on earth, we do not exist without others. We are all connected and the more we can achieve the more responsible we are in our actions and our team communication is respectful, trusting and listening. We'll show you the rest.

Despite many years of experience, we are still developing and striving for the turquoise management model, so that the values we bring to the world are ethical, innovative, inspiring and delightful. If you want to be part of this development, check below if your talents match our needs.

A volunteering at Cannabis House is primarily:

  • the opportunity to gain practical knowledge in the direction in which you want to go;
  • cooperation with inspiring personalities;
  • constant challenges, exploring knowledge in various fields;
  • raising professional qualifications;
  • practicing your character, communication skills and motivation;
  • the possibility of participating in business trips;
  • a chance to leave a trace in the world, heritage.

Applications containing a CV and / or a cover letter (always welcome) should be sent to the following e-mail address: [email protected]

Check it for yourself! Maybe that’s you who we need in our ranks.

We are currently looking for volunteers and interns for the following positions:

Employee of the office

What will you do:

  • cared for contact with survey participants and answering questions;
  • provided basic information to dispensaries;
  • kept up-to-date records of the office's documentation and correspondence;
  • organized and handled information meetings;
  • has undergone training in hemp law;
  • You will learn how to pass information in the company structure in order to maintain fluent communication.

Graphic designer

Responsibilities in this position:

  • created graphics for the cannabishouse.eu portal;
  • created and edited graphics for social media and blog;
  • trained various graphic techniques;
  • it is mainly remote work (!).

Language translator

What will you do:

  • translation of the portal's content into English or Spanish;
  • additional translations for social media;
  • it is mainly remote work (!).

IT specialist

Responsibilities in this position:

  • technical support for office work;
  • IT support for information services and portals;
  • network support.


What will you do:

  • editing training materials and videos from events;
  • cooperation with the graphics department;
  • creative work and a chance to experiment.

Developer (Ruby on Rails)

Responsibilities in this position:

  • developing the portal by adding modules;
  • testing;
  • proposing new functionalities;
  • it is mainly remote work (!).


What will you do:

  • creating a positive image of the Cannabis House Association;
  • co-creating the image of social campaigns;
  • writing and editing content for the portal and social profiles;
  • creating reports from events under the supervision of an experienced specialist.

Don't wait! Join our well-coordinated team!

Applications containing a CV and / or a cover letter (always welcome) should be sent to the following e-mail address: [email protected]